Run Android Apps on Your Windows or Mac Machine

Dear Friends today I will explain you how to run Android Apps on your window or Mac Machine.
Android is the most prolific and fastest growing platform on the market right now, and it’s been so for the last couple of years. With that growth came more than 700,000 applications on Google Play, a figure that is on par with what Apple has in its App Store.

With such a wealth of apps, you might be secretly wishing to have some of them available not just on your phone or tablet, but also on your Windows or Mac notebook/desktop computer. And now there is an easy way to do just that with an called BlueStacks.
The application is still in beta, but it does pretty well in its core functionality - allowing you to run Google Play and install apps from it on your computer.

There is both a Windows and Mac version of Bluestacks, and everything should be working just fine and easily.

Download Bluestacks for Win8

Installation and Use:

Step 1: Download  BlueStacks from above link on your  desktop computer or laptop. Choose between XP, Vista and Windows 7; Windows 8; or Mac as per your window operating system.

Follow the usual steps for installing software, opening the .exe file. Follow the prompts to allow installation and then accept the terms of the license agreement by clicking on the Welcome to BlueStacks' Continue button.

Step 2: Verify that App Store Access and App Notification check boxes are enabled on the following screen and then click Install. Allow the BlueStacks application to load.

Step 3: Click on the My Apps tile and then on the App Search button.

Search for an app that you use regularly on your smartphone or tablet. For example, I searched for Falcon Pro, a robust, paid-for Twitter client I like. Allow the in-Bluestacks search to complete and then click on the Install button adjacent to the search result.

Tip: The app doesn't install from this search. This search just tells you which store has the app you want.

Step 4: Choose an app store from the selection. I chose the Google native Play store, but there will be others listed, including Amazon.

Tip: Choose the store that you normally use on your device. It will be cheaper to migrate an app that you've already paid for.

Step 5: Add your account details if prompted. If you already have a Google account, add it here. Allow any sync to take place and then select Finish Setup. Click on any terms and conditions check boxes and then press Continue.

Step 6: Perform a second search for the app that you want to install. Allow the search to take place and then choose Accept and Download. Allow the app to install and then open the app. This search is from within the store that you may be familiar with, like Play.

Tip: Use the on-screen keyboard that pops up rather than the PC's physical keyboard if you run into keyboard mapping issues when communicating with the app.

Syncing With Your Phone or Tablet
BlueStacks includes a sync function called "1-Click Sync." This function lets you sync one way between the emulator and device.
Step 1: Click or touch the 1-Click Sync tile and then enter your Google account details in the text boxes.
Step 2: Sign in and choose the device or devices you'd like to sync with. Then from within BlueStacks, choose the app you'd like to install on your device, and click or touch the sync button on the app tile. The button looks like a smartphone screen with an arrow icon.
Step 3: Take a look at the device, and you'll see the app loading.
Tip: Ensure the device is connected to the Internet and logged into the same Google account you used in Step 1.

Pushing Apps to BlueStacks
BlueStacks also includes push functionality for getting apps from device to PC.
Step 1: Perform a search for BlueStacks Cloud Connect from within the Play store and install it to your device.
Tip: Do this independently of the BlueStacks emulator.
Step 2: Click on the Settings button within BlueStacks and choose Cloud Connect. Follow the prompts and enter the requested email and phone information. Make a note of the PIN and press Close
Step 3: Enter the PIN in BlueStacks Cloud Connect on the device and log in. Choose the apps you'd like to push to the emulator and press Sync.
Tip: Follow the texted-to prompts on your phone if you'd like to set up SMS connectivity.

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