How To Get Saved Website Login Password Behind That Small Dots!

Turn Saved Browser Password Black Dots into Plain Text/Word.

Did you ever seen passwords are saved on the browser on your friend’s computer? May be yes, because many people saved their username and password for regular sites likeFacebook, Google, twitter, etc. Today we’ll learn how to see those saved passwords in Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome
Whenever you put your login info into any website you should see that username are showing regular but passwords are showing into some small black dots. Because of the web-browser transform passwords into dots for some kind of security reasons. So that, people can think their passwords are got hidden and they can store their passwords safely. But many people don’t know their passwords are not that kind of secure what they think!

In this Post, I’ll show you how you can easily get someone's saved website password even they are using a master password or not!

This two methods you can use:

1. Manually by using browser option. And

2. Using Inspect Element Tool

First Method:
By following this trick you can easily see someone stored password on chrome.
To Chrome:-
In the upper right-hand corner, click on the Wrench icon, then go to
Settings. From there, click on Show Advanced Settings, then Passwords and Forms.

รจ Click on Managed Save Password. All saved password are show in dialog box.

To Firefox

Step 1: Go to menu > Click Option > Navigate to Security Tab > Click Saved password.
Step 2: A box will pop-up > Click Show password. All saved passwords are shown.

Second Method:
This is the most interesting saved password reveal Method. Anyway, see the steps to transform little black dots into plain text or number using Inspect Element feature.In both Chrome and Firefox, you can use the Inspect Element tool to uncover saved passwords on any website.
Step 1: Go to that site where you have a password saved and highlight those little black dots.

Step 2: Now click mouse Right Button > Inspect Element.

Step 3: You will see the HTML Source Code of this website. Since you have already highlighted the part you are interested in, the password section, it will automatically be highlighted, as you can see in the image bellow.
Step 4: To unveil the saved password, you have to alter some text. Locate where it says Input type ="password". Select the  password and replace it with the word text. And hit Enter.

Now see the password box that was previously filled with those small security dots will now show the complete plain text of whatever password was saved there.

 I have shown screen shots using Google Chrome but you can do same with Firefox by following same steps.

If any Query, you can ask me in the comment box bellow, I’ll solve it immediately. 

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