How to Bind Virus/Bat/exe file with any File

Dear Friend I am sharing with you smart thinking of   bind Virus/Bat/exe/any kind of file with another file like Image/Doc etc.
Where you can use of this Bind file?
For example:-
You can give your girlfriend a surprise - you can attach a romantic jpg image  and also an application that can draw onto the screen some nice messages to her.. Maybe with some cool animation. I'm sure she will be surprised how open a simple "image-file" can create so much effect :)

It is also way of hackers send you virus and .exe file via internat.
 First I explain what is Binder?
Binder is software used to bind or combine two or more files in one file under one name and extension. The files to be binded can have any extension or icon. The user has choice to select the name, icon and various attributes of binded file. If binded file contains an application (in our case - RAT or keylogger), the application is also run when the actual binded file is run.thus Binder is used to for the following things

To Hide Files (Key loggers, Rats , Viruses )
To Bypass antivirus detection.

There is much Binder software available on internet but here I explain some small binder software which is easy to use.

1) Easy Binder:-  Easy Binder is a software which is used to bind or collaborate the server or virus you have created with some other file like a MP3,JPEG or any other file.You can fool the victim by sending him a song or picture and as soon as he opens the picture or song the Binder also gets open and starts working.

How to use ‘Easy Binder’
1) First Download the binder and run it.

2) Now add file which you want to add using add file button.

3) Select File Icon and Output path of Bind file then click on Bind file Button. After completion of process binded output file will save on your given output path.

Note: Using this software the binded file will always have .exe extension. So it will be good in that case if you bind virus with an exe of software. You can change.exe to .com. It is same as executable file. 

2) fEvicol v1.0:-
So Guyz i hope you have been searching for a software’s which can bind Exe file with .jpeg file and shows the result as, When the user clicks on Jpeg file, an image will be opened and .exe file starts running. So here it is fEvicol v1.0 is a binder which can bind .exe file and .jpeg file it and shows the result of your need. If you dont mention any extension, by default it saves with .jpg
When binded executable is started.. it opens the jpg image, and executable. You can find much software on web but they can’t satisfy your need so i am introducing fEvicol v1.0 which is the ultimate useful Hacking tool which is helping in binding .jpeg file and .exe file and displaying result of your need. The icon of the binded executable file is configurable hope you can understand.
With the help of this software you can easily lure windows user as displaying a known file extension is disabled. So there is no need to worry as the windows doesn’t display know extensions
Have a look at this software

Note: - Usually binder software's are detected as virus, So please turn off your Av’s (Antivirus Software) Before using them.

This material is only for educational purpose.If you Have any query please leave a comment in below box.


  1. this is virus...dont download it!

  2. Dear this is not a virus....Microsoft has not registered this file for running window version because it is small program tool so that all anti virus showing it like a can allow it for on your is not harm your PC...


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